The flexibility of the software allows an adaptation of its application to the different Medecines and a personalization of the test programs according to the effective needs of the Health Care Professional .

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  • A simple and unique connection: to your PC, via USB link – One software, designed to be easy to install, understand and use 
  • Interactive and intuitive
  • Without limiting the number of installations and the duration of the validity.
  • Speed of execution (keyboard, mouse, program customization).
  • Databases, patient record creation, backup, printing, export format XML- Easilytransportable – Performing – CEMedical Marking CE0459 (G-MED)
  • Device designed and manufactured in France

Warranty : 3 Years *

Continuous or pulsed sound

Frequencies from 125 to 8000 Hz, output level range from -10 to 100 HLdB

End user manual

English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, French


·      Be interfaced with any medical softwares and to export the results of the tests

·      Merge, synchronise or replace the data banks between each other

·      Help for interprating audiograms (according to EN 7029) • Calculate the hearing losses

·      Determine the hearing thresholds according to the « Hughson–Westlake » method

·      Produce a continuous or a pulsed sound

·      Make appear on the patient sheet, all the marking elements related to the test and the audiometer

·      Interactive and intuitive

·      Without limitation of installation number and of validity duration

·      Manual and automatic programmable modes

·      Optimization of the tests, configuration of scenario

·      Rapid execution (keyboard, mouse, personalization of programs)

·      Data banks, creation of patient files, saving, printing, exporting format XML

·      Ultra portable

·      Truly performant

·      In compliance with medical regulations : approved CE 0459 (Directive 93/42/CEE)

The design of the 600M audiometer makes it capable of being connected to any PC (notebook, laptop or desktop). It alone ensures the electrical safety of the whole (according to EN 60601-1).

Download of the commercial documentation in French

Download of the commercial documentation in English

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